Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A Video Collection Featuring Singapore and Malaysia

Last Thursday, I returned from spending over three weeks in Singapore and Malaysia as a teacher-participant in Cultural Vistas' American Youth Leadership Program to Singapore and Malaysia.  It was an incredible program to two fascinating countries with a great group of program staff, teachers, and students from all over the United States.  There is so much to talk about in terms of reflections and findings from this program, but for now I wanted to post a collection of videos that I shot with my iPhone 5S and quickly edited with iOS iMovie.  They will be posted in the order in which the events portrayed took place.  Enjoy!

Singaporean Market from Kevin Witte on Vimeo.
The first video is a visit to a local Singaporean market with the host family I stayed with for a weekend. It was chaotic, noisy, colorful, and full of a wide range of scents, but it also was an incredibly convenient way to get fresh meat and produce. It was also a valuable social meeting place for families in the neighborhood and the merchants selling their products.

Making Chinese Dumplings in Singapore from Kevin Witte on Vimeo.
My host family in Singapore did such a great job sharing local culture and cuisine. The meals they prepared were amazing, and we even had the opportunity to learn how to make Chinese pork dumplings.

Marina Bay Light Show from Kevin Witte on Vimeo.
The Marina Bay area of Singapore is without question one of the most photographed and exciting areas of the city. The development of the Marina Bay Sands hotel, casino, and shopping complex has added to the stature of this area as a tourist, nightlife, and commercial draw. This video attempts to showcase the innovative light show that takes place right on Marina Bay, as viewed from the property of the Marina Bay Sands complex.

A Taste of Durian from Kevin Witte on Vimeo.
When in Malaysia, one has to try the King of Fruits...the mighty Durian. This spiky fruit has an indescribable smell and texture. I got my chance to try durian in one of the night markets of Kuala Lumpur.

A Night in Jalan Alor from Kevin Witte on Vimeo.
This is a video compilation of an evening spent in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on Jalan Alor. Lots of food and an impromptu street concert.

A Cruise Down the Melaka River from Kevin Witte on Vimeo.
Melaka is a Malaysian city that represents the very height of cross-cultural interaction. It historically was a major trading city along the vital Strait of Melaka that links the Indian Ocean to the South China Sea and beyond to the Pacific Ocean. This video is a compilation of video segments from a cruise down the Melaka River, Melaka, Malaysia.

Nothing fancy in any of these videos, as I quickly edited them when free moments arose throughout the program. However, I hope they provide at least a few interesting snapshots from the time I spent in Singapore and Malaysia.

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